Blue – The Tallest Apartments On Soi Tad-ied


Since I arrived at Soi Tad-ied, the street Tiger Muay Thai is on, in September, there has been a huge, 8 storey apartment block that’s been constantly under construction. At least 5 months in the making, this week they had a grand opening, pool foam party so I decided to have a look inside and check out the quality of the rooms and their prices.

They are currently advertising the rooms at half price, which to my mind is still on the expensive side, so time will tell whether the prices are actually half price or whether it’s just a marketing scheme. All of the rooms come with a small safe and their own, private, Internet connection, so other guests won’t effect you. They told me they are doing this exclusively for digital nomads, to attract people that want want to work and train.

Blue Small Room

The small room is 25,000 THB a month (£517). There’s a balcony, a small ‘wet room’ with a shower, sink and toilet and a main room with a large bed and TV along with a few cabinets.

Blue Big Room

The larger size rooms are 45,000 THB a month (£930). They have larger ‘wet room’ bathrooms, with sink, shower and a jacuzzi! The bedroom is a bit bigger than the smaller room, the main difference is the addition of a separate lounge area and kitchenette, which actually makes a huge difference. Sleeping in the same room as a fridge sucks!

Blue Penthouse