rus Hey guys I’m Rus, born and raised in Pompey, UK and after 2 degrees and 10 years of working behind a desk I decided to quit my job to see what happens.

In June I bought a ticket to Thailand, in August I handed in my notice and then in September 2014 I my last day of work, sold or donated all of my stuff, moved out of my flat and left for Thailand with everything I own in 2 small bags to train in Muay Thai.

Before I quit I spent 2 years running an Internet Marketing business along side my 9-5, building it up until I was earning more than I was making in my day job and saving up every penny it made, with the goal of eventually buying a property. In that 2 year period I watched the UK house market go crazy. The flat I was renting went up in price from £180k to £250k, almost 40%! It didn’t seem worth bothering.

After reading 12 Weeks In Thailand my mind was made up. Rather than work two jobs in the UK I’d leave for Thailand and invest my time in my own business and personal development. I have no set plan or goal other than save more than I spend, grow my business and live and eat healthily whilst maintaining an active life style. First stop, Muay Thai in Phuket!

With this blog I hope to share knowledge and hopefully inspire and motivate others to do the same as me, because so far I’m absolutely loving it!