The SEA Coworking Space


The SEA Co-Working Space

The road Tiger Muay Thai and Signature Phuket are on is having extensive roadworks today, with power and water outages. This means no training, as I can’t shower afterwards and no Internet as there’s no electricity, so I’ve headed out to a co-working space to get some work done.

The SEA Coworking Space

The SEA co-working space is located in Phuket Town, next to the historical clock tower and has a lovely nautical ambience when you get inside, with orcas and whales everywhere. The vibe is peaceful, with chilled music playing and people whispering. This is not a busy office environment.

Internet Speed

I’m pretty sure SEA Co-working has 30Mb down as that’s what I was getting when I first arrived, but since then 6 other people have turned up!


This is a co-working space, so you need to bring your own computer, but SEA has, obviously, wi-fi, printing, fax, a nice coffee shop, free water and snacks, a relaxing sofa space, a kitchen you can use to prepare food, books to read, a play area for children and toilets.


Prices are competitive, I’ve opted for the 199 Baht (£4) day pass for the time being. Prices are on their Facebook page but here’s a screenshot of their current price list.


Hot coffee goes for 40 Baht (£0.80) but you get one free with admission, the sandwich was 90 Baht (£1.80), they also have a daily dessert.

I like SEA Co-working Space, but they need to do more with their marketing. Having just a Facebook page isn’t really enough. They do update it regularly though, which was reassuring as some of the other co-working spaces I was looking at had terrible websites and social media pages that had been dormant since August, I had no idea if the others were really still open!